episode 3.12 Left hand of the Goddess

Fuck that.... they can have her!

6 weeks later

Alice is popping Dana's pills
The doorway of hopes and dreams
Yeh yeh - another six weeks have passed...
Angelika Webster - you are mocking us
Gabriel 'Gabe' McCutcheon (Eric Roberts)
String Figures
Soo many brides to be - and Bette in her black power suit
No thanks..
Would Kit really do a Pregnancy Test in The Planet's unisex restroom?
12 tests !!!
"I’m the picture of togetherness and sanity."
Another windowshot
Aidan Jarrar as Shay
Gabe's got a birdy too...
KCRW = Damn fine radiostation
Getting better!

I call that figure 'the eiffel tower'
I'm guessing: a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limousine
Celebrate your passions for play the L Word® way at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

As many has mentioned:

It does look like the Mexican Olympic team...
These two cynics could just have their own show
What's not to like about big ski goggles...
'Never Let Me Go'  by Kazuo Ishiguro


Jenny meets... Jenny! - Sorry - Claude (Elodie Bouchez)
Are you allowed to show people smoking on tv these days?
Scene stealing baby with cute hat
'After Yoda' moment between Alice and Shane
The Chalet - Experts in Fondue!
God-des and She

http://www.myspace.com/goddes and http://www.god-des.com/

room 949
room 946
room 1024
Carla's got her coffee in her hands
always wait for the reverse shot !
'the boys' bwhahaha...
Alice meets Marilyn

Alice is wearing a jacket from Burton and Marilyn got one from Columbia sportswear company

Helena and Bette getting close in skilift no 69
never bring your phone while skiing...
Do you think Leisha does her own stunts?
Gabe is wearing the same t-shirt the whole episode, it's just turning more and more grey (!)
a tent!!!
Elodie Bouchez plays a French, new love interest of Jenny.
Her character could become recurrent in season 4.
Peggy: "Sweetheart. I'm cutting you off financially. 
From this moment forth, you are going to have to make relationships with people who love you for yourself, not your money."
Helena: "You're not serious."
Marilyn and Peggy! - the LTR in S4!!!
Link to the old map
Scene stealing baby being stolen
It's a rental from Continental Car Rental 

and it looks like The Chrysler 300

Last song: Joni Mitchell - All I Want

Remember to watch the deleted scenes - then this show might make some sense...
Cutscenes and stuff


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