Episode 0301 Labia Majora

No Hotlinkin'

And so we're back from outta space  - 

I wonder if we'll have any mirror and windowshots???
RAOS: 1973 Palo Alto - group mirror vaginal exam
I'm all outta words
but never dared to ask...
Ahh - I like that - so next RAOS we get another link on the chart !

(shot through window)
KCRW = Damn good radiostation
Beam me up Scotty - there is no intelligent life on this planet
always remember the cup
There it is!
Lola and Paul Macherey - Laurel's hubby
Bette looks preggers
(I wonder why Bette wanted that 'triangle' - she did not do well with them in S1!)
That zit is distracting
Dr. Farber opens the closet
not impressed
not impressed at all
Sooo not impressed
If all else fails, try a little humor
Kate Clinton as Dr. Farber
we're not amused
Carmen eats
and eats
Shane bites Carmens nails (?)
and Carmen eats
Oh look it Leisha Haileys cute tummy :-)
We all know that Alice drives a blue Mini (except in S1, it was silver)
Boiling water in one hand - baby in the other
Bette looks preggers - antisocial social worker Roberta played by Cynthia Stevenson
Leisha brings the funny - love the hair thingy - 4 happy smileys
When I go to buy a moviestudio - i always put on my best bikini
subversive art
Jenny arrives after 32 min
and so does Margot Kidder

Continuity: Mom puts the candles on the table - twice
As the car passes behind our young couple the horn sounds La Cugaracha
a shot through a window - dang!
product placement - as usual
Carmen's Mother is played by Irene Olga Lopez (she was in showgirls - hehe)
another windowshot
and reverse angle
Moira and Jenny on the dancefloor - the tune is Shivaree - I Will Go Quietly
and the mirror shot
Warren sleeps with his yarmulka (?)
My my my - the return of the infamous pantyhose!
I didn't even notice: the cuts are gone !
Jenny gives herself a wedgie
Billie Holiday is still in Kit's office
and Carmen eats
Alice is on methylphenidate - a medication prescribed for individuals (usually children) 
who have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

and Carmen eats
Ahhh - framily scene
clit, cunt, pussy, beaver, twat, peeper - good luck to you guys doing the transcripts...


I was amused...


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