episode 0305 Lifeline

Everybody is packing

Boobs, bras, bussoms, buttocks

and plenty of windowshots

The RAOS is still in 1985 - we're moving quite slowly
Red scarf  Worn on Left side = fister


Marilyn - Teri - Toni - Agatha - Frank - Coleman
Dr. Shapiro tells Dana thats she has an infiltrating ductal carcinoma and he has scheduled her mastectomy. 
trademark  windowshots
So Josh - are you noticing the artwork on the wall? it's two women!
Paddy Chayefsky wrote the movies Network (1976) and The Hospital (1971).
slap that nametag into her hair!
Uta on the right
He - he put Mangus on the nametag

Mangus sings David Bowie's "Changes"
Dana is saying goodbye
Jenny has moved the shed into the house
Uta is played by Erica Serra - 
the dancer in L'ennui

Jean Rollin Les Frissons des Vampires
That pillow is like a wall

Bette is on the short list to become Director of the Whitney.

Alex Hedison
very fishy guy
even his screensaver is fishy
Neither fish nor fowl 

Catch 22
Rosanna Arquette (Cherie Peroni)
It's the hard-knock life for us!
It's the hard-knock life for us!
Tell her to go fuck herself. Act like you have a girlfriend
Goodbye Moira - Hello Max
TLLH and her perfect milky whites :-)
Esthero - I Drive Alone
Loved the episode :-)
I guess everybody is packing this season! 
I hope the propsdepartment have the toys sorted...


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