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episode 03.11 Last Dance

It's all about Dana

No RAOS, No Opening Titles and a pianoversion of the themesong...
Andrew Francis (Howie Fairbanks)
The Framily are in the row on the right

But Betty was not invited :-)

Betty - in disguise - singing "nearer my God to thee"
Shane: "You are my hero."
Helena's heavely guarded home
Dylan speeding away in her BLUE (!) Beetle Convertible
I do agree: it's an Charles Eames lounge chair
The Chris-craft Stinger 260 sl  

(twin sbc = Small Block Chevy engine)
'the bottomless jar of ashes' + a little extra for? - Lara?
Alice's Mini, Max' Ford, Bette's Saab and Tee's Mercedes
Imalahkaha is 'family'

Dictionary of the Alabama Language

what a strange positioning of feet on the right ???
bunk Pinata
Alice and Dana met in 1999

talking about Ralph, the tenniscamp instructor

'Ilene is here' - mwhuhahaha...
Landy Cannon (Harrison)

Sooo Gay!
The Millenium 1999 party
wicked :-)
Why is Kit (the estranged sis) in this pic?

Where is Bette?
01.10 Liberally: almost-sex with Jenny (the cousin IT scene)
music: Mary McBride - One More Time
Tegan & Sara

singing ''Love Type Thing"

'Do you know who is a lesbian? - Dana Fairbanks'

'I am NOT'


01.07 L'Ennui: dancing on the Boat :-)
This shot contains 8 people!

From behind:  Helena, Bette, Shane, Alice, Carmen, Jenny, Kit, Max

OMG! - they lost Tina!

red jacket, gray hat = Bette
black jacket, black hat = Shane
black jacket, grey hat (green gloves) = Alice
black jacket, green hat, red jumper = Carmen
Gray jacket, gray/brown hat, green scarf = Tina
black jacket, black hat, brown boots = Helena
Green jacket, blue hat = Max
black coat with fur, black/grey hat = Kit
black jacket, brown thingy = Jenny

Let's do the math again:

from the left: Tina, Jenny, Max, Bette; Alice, Shane, Helena, Kit, Carmen



'the bottomless jar of ashes'
Dana joins Mr. Piddles
That teddy sure moves around

We get the RAOS at the end instead !


Alice, Bette, and Tina all met in 1996.
Shane ?
They met Dana in 1999. 
Jenny in 2004.

cut scenes:

What happened to "5 year old Dana" and "10 year old Dana"?


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