episode 0309 Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way

No Hotlinkin'

Extreme is the new season 

only 7 month ago ! - last epi was 7˝ month ago ---- how does that compute?

Tracy Bonham on that piano for 15 days - methink not!

Marilyn - Teri - Toni - Agatha - Frank - Coleman - Bette - Alice - Dana - Lara
"We have all the time in the World" - hmhmhm...
The trademark swing of gucci bag


"the bible for women with breast cancer."
Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book


Susan Love


Beny Moré - Lo Esencial
Esmeralda Fortin (Abuela)
Shane = bringer of  Abuela's cigars
Grandma: What a pretty tattoo!
Grandma: This is from the Mayan culture - she has one too. They look like wedding rings.
Looks like our favourite extra:

Luvia Petersen (Dax)
Songs played during prom scenes:

Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins 
(which by the way, was not released until september 1990!)

I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
Holly Dignard (Chandra)
Return of the WTF!Glasses !
The WTF!Glasses

Just another tribute
Hey don't hurt her, or I'll fucking cut off your tits. Do you understand?
More Prom pics here >>>>
Maha Bodhi Monastery in Olympia, Washington


Where they flash their armpits...
Carmen: It's an insult, and I can't stand it anymore. Shane isn't interested in Pablo.
Mom: How do you know? Are you her interpreter?
Carmen: I'm her girlfriend
Mom: You don't know what you're saying.
Carmen: Yes I do. Shane is my girlfriend and I am hers. We live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, mother.

Mom: Leave! You only want to hurt me because you're embarrassed of me... because I didn't go to college and I'm not an elegant woman, nor can I speak English well. Well, I'll tell you what I CAN say in English: Get out, both of you. Get out of my house.

Grandma: Mercedes, what are you saying? You don't throw family out on the street!!

Mom: Better a whore than a lesbian. Get out, you'll leave. You heard me.
The complete Dirk Bogarde collection and the whole John Hughes collection
Rebus Duncan Levy Shepard & Schmoor Law Office
They got the names mixed up...
Closing song:

Bleeding Rivers - Copper Wimmin  (mp3)


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