episode 0308 Latecomer

NO Hotlinkin'

Betty GO AWAY!


Plenty af window and mirror shots

Recap: reverse angel on the tat - did you not think we would notice?
Whether You Fall - Tracy Bonham
Marilyn - Teri - Toni - Agatha - Frank - Coleman - Bette - Alice - Dana
and the line retracts
and Dana fades - uhuhuhuuuu...
Does that mean that the chart continues from Alice = Keeper of the chart?
Are we seing an after preggers Jernnifer/Bette?
hemp seeds for breakfast
another teddy
this one moves!
scene stealing baby ones again 
- and always watching the Microphone Boom Pole
Alice is totally eyeing that blond
strange men in strange offices with strange things on their walls



The Pissin' Passin' Packer

Alien Nation
Halo for xbox
Tina is watching Helena and Dylan... - and
Trademark eyeroll!
You want tea? no thx - I already had tea...
04:05 - caught!
The double mirror shot !
No nudity clause here! 
Carmen slaps Shane's ass!
No Peabody logo on the plane
General Motors Place - in Vancouver
what comes to mind...
German Bratwurst
Inflatable extras are used in this scene....
Deleted scene from 0307 - hmhmhm...
Nona Hendryx

She has also played herself in the late 90s Pam Grier series Linc's, 
and at the end of the show accompanied herself on the piano on "Lift Every Voice," 
and most recently, she appeared in the third season of The "L"Word ".

Nona Hendryx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Latin women. Caliente."


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