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0404: Layup

guys - guys - NO Hotlinkin'

RAOS: Alice is in a lot of pain...
Cybill Shepherd also has a no-nudity clause
The fiery artist Marlee Matlin (Jodi Lerner) joins the group pic 

- Max just can't get into it....
towa = the Oscar winning actress didie is right: MM is wearing Jennifer Beals' 
dress from the Grudge 2 premiere...
Promises of things to come...
Alice and chancellor Phyllis Kroll

May and December
'Don't blame me - blame my parents'
Jenny posing as Debbie

'Yeah, Iíve dealt with incontinence a lot'

is that a shirt with tattoo pattern ?
The extras does a lot of walking in this scene where Phyllis arrives at UC after a nite of circles

The song is 'Music to Watch Girls By' - Andy Williams

'I have been dreaming and fantasizing about this forever'

Flowergirl leaves...

and takes another round...
Phyllis celebrates that she got on Alices chart
Kits office at the Planet - she still has the Billie Holiday poster


NO Hotlinkin'
Loo scene!

I wonder who wrote this episode (!?)

"Late Later Latent" (Episode: #2.09)

NO Hotlinkin' NO Hotlinkin'
only three pieces left on the roll! Ups - Alice dropped her wad
NO Hotlinkin' NO Hotlinkin'
but this is a wellorganised household another roll is ready
NO Hotlinkin' NO Hotlinkin'
that is a lot of paper Alice happily smiles, while she organises the new roll 
- she is after all the tidy person
Bette gets ready to meet the fiery artist
Tom Mater - The interpreter ()
Debbie Oxnard, Sounder, a map, a phone, a car (a Convertible) and an allergy

The music is  Prototypes ... Je Ne Te Connais Pas

Max and Brooke are at a raw food restaurant - they are sitting somewhere on the right

Did Max not learn anything in 

episode 0303 lobsters

(I'm guessing that is an artichoke)

Skip Connolly is not amused
'The Unauthorized Abortion of W'
That dog looks strangely familiar....
Orangutangs, Debbie Oxnard and Sounder
The plot sickens - the nice vet Lindsay Scott is Stacey Merkin's girlfriend.... (seen here with Sparky)
Alice is teaching Helena to play basketball

drying your nails, drying your nails

NO Hotlinkin'
Najs to see the Sara Gilbert photo from Alices bedroom (season 2 & 3)

episode 0307 lone star 

episode 0308 Loyal 
Hazel (Ulla Friis) and Angus

The musik is 
Love You Better - God-Des & She - 

Alice is a menace  - teasing Shane in the shoeshop
NO Hotlinkin'
- hitting her with a shoe Jenny smells of dog...
NO Hotlinkin'
Liza Lou's Kitchen

168-square-foot Kitchen, completed in December 1995 / 

'What happened can never happen again' 

'Fill your brain with Reading power'
'Patti Smith came for the free food'
NO Hotlinkin'
Kristanna Loken
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
I'm not gonna do any more pointy fingers this season

There are too many....

Bette - juggling - ahem...
This basketball team just might be... one of the worst teams EVER!
the bling! WeHo Bougie Asses
Helena is offering Tee "guera" a hand of support 

They even got names on their jerseys

music playing during the game: 
Hyper vs. the Crystal Method ... Fire to Me
wpe1.jpg (21699 byte)
watcha doing Rodeo Drive?

Shopping, bitch!

Jenny - playing
with coffee and glasses
The British bombshell
Don't Touch me... are you allowed to smoke in California?
wpe3.jpg (24860 byte)

who are you calling brown barbie

Shut up Carmelitta Tropicana

group scene! - Wnba, softball, rugby, golf (Rosie Jones), tennis (Martina and...)

Dana who?

Shane does the boss commercial


End song: Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches

I was Entertained

Alice is the bomb!

6 outta 10 - for the lack of hotness

Feel free to shout out - Shoutbox

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