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0406: Luck Be A Lady

Life is a pokergame with many phones

You're looking very Shane today
Lady on the left must be Toxic Tonias sister Dont' you just wanna die?

The next is the lesbian Phone tree at work: Multitasking with several phones and peeps on hold - Alice seems to be very good at this!
Alice adds a paper 
Alice adds coffee
don't forget your wallet Alice and Papi works two phones...
Helena works the remote and the phone - while Alice remembered her wallet
James got more scenes in this segment than in the whole series...
Enters: The fiery artist - she must see a picture of Angelica now...
Phyllis is munching too
and alice picked up some snacks Shane arrives in the background
'Hey mama' Jenny hands Shane her phone
Kit joins the fun Bette seems occupied
does Jenny have another phone? ahhhh - Bette is stitching - a bunny!
Lindsey joins the fun
Merkin in the background
Jenny borrows a phone!
Sofia Mancuso from C Magazine for Stacey Merkin
Alice has arrived home
Tina pushes James - that is soo rude
Bette and Tee are discussing education:

Beverly Montessori School enrollment - First Press Waldorf, Chadwick, and the childrens institute and using 18.000 dollars to preschool

'fuck you James - just fuck you'
what is it with Alices wardrobe this year? ups!
Helena puts on her jeans... - over her pj's who made all the food? 

Thirsty beaver

Motorola i830 Phone "my little English muffin."
Ruby arrives Alice has her eyes on Tashas tush
Angelica got the bunny - but her arms a tight down? Note: Bettes right hand changes position in the reverse shot
Hehe: Bette holds Angelicas ears while saying 'fuck' that is sooo gay
Papi teaches the rules of poker while Jenny schemes
Oha! - Max is in this episode!
learning to wave - like a queen? 'You scare me'
'Because you don't seem to be scared of anything' 'why do I scare you'

Come up, don't worry about getting dirty

for the love of art
a birdy t-shit !
Little Nicky and Ruby go at it "Handle your bitches, man."
high flying albow Fuck my mother!
Tasha is  in The National Guard and went to Cal Tech Long Beach it's 10 to 11
Mercedes stretch limo I thought Paige was ready to go to that premiere - but she had to babysit - again
Roll the Dice premiere
Nice cleavage
'Are you the vagina wig'
a B&B in Solvang 'It's Crazy'
"Animals Are Not Ours to Eat, Wear, Experiment On, or Use for Entertainment." ( ) Manatees?
Hey Papi you forgot to button your shirt Carrie Anne Fleming as Saskia Phillips
reminds me of the hallway shot in 'Looking Back'
Sandrine Holt as Catherine Rothberg and David Lewis as Mitch Bette always has interesting art
Catherine Rothberg has a house i Midhurst
3 9 dame 3  and a 4
Helena has 2 nines -  Catherine Rothberg has two dames
There's more than one way to pay off a debt. 
You should have listened to your friend:
everybody knows the house always wins.

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