0401: Legend in the Making

I need a sippy cup - for my G/T


and the usual RAOS: No! it's Shane floating in the sea - WTF!

But the theme song is back...
wpe1.jpg (16894 byte)
Season 3 Season 4
wpe3.jpg (26212 byte)
Season 3 Season 4
Alice is now on the backseat and somebody new is riding the bike...
a fiery artist studio?
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Season 3 - Dana & Carmen Season 4 - Alice & Helena
New peeps are lurkin'
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Season 3 Season 4
And so our story starts - the day after - in Whistler, Canada

Jenny - in a summer hat and dress in the bleak mid winter - as always she is

"the picture of togetherness and sanity."
1. pointy finger
Scene stealing baby now knows how to use a spoon - and Bette needs a sippy cup

Richard Belanger invented the sippy cup, which he later licensed to Platex. 
Playtex manufacturers and sells its cups under the tradename of "Sipster". 
The sippy cup is a spillproof drinking cup designed for tots.
Who Invented the Sippy Cup
"Venus Rising From the Sea"

[so not]

2. pointy finger

Shane (Crazy little freak) will not let Sherry diss Carmen (that ridiculous little bouncy cha cha twinkle)
3. pointy finger

Alice is teaching Helena to use public transportation
The Shed!

Now filled with Carmens dj equipment

The amp is a nad 3020 (it's plays like a dream!)

Timberlake Motel
Where Bette and scene stealing totler is hiding out
At the planet
Helena pockets the sugar
Jenny's booksigning on the 25th of january 2007 - this episode aired 07.january
So Alice is Cancer
Shane is Gemini
Papi is Aries
4. pointy finger
5. pointy finger 
- but it does not really work with a stuffed animal
6. pointy finger
7. pointy finger
Joyce Wischnia does the double pointy fingers 
(8. and 9.)

and she still has the ping pong ball uterus dart board
scene stealing totler tries to pacify Mommy Dearest with a - pacifier...
10. pointy finger
11. pointy finger
no no hotlinkin'
Jennys room is not pink anymore
Shane is driving Sherrys BMW 740 iL

while listening to

Le Disko (New Music Video) - Shiny Toy Guns


Publisher's Weekly

Marina (Who dat?)

(looks like a Borsalino Dress Fedora Hat)

I was mildly entertained

5 outta 10

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