0402 - Livin' La Vida Loca

Because the reverse shot is always difficult

NO Hotlinkin'

Playazon "Hands-Free" Merkin Flashlight

Playazon Merkin Flashlight


Just another infomercial

Now back to the show...
RAOS (not): Alice is out looking for Papi
Phyllis has joined the posse
Taking Dana's spot!
Twisted Forest - I thought that was in Utah?
Heart and all
Jorge's Shoe Shine & Billiard Parlor. Tonite 10 PM. I'll B there. Will U?
That is heavy blue
James is back - weeeee!
Nadia apparently buys her clothes the same place as Ally McBeal
Bette always has interesting art on her walls
flex that biceps!
Ford 150 XTR
Alice arrives at Jorge's - with her umbrella
Alice leaves Jorge's - no umbrella?
There it is!
Jenny is bonding with Stacy Merkin (Heather Matarazzo)

and drinking tea
sorry - coffee...
Dinner at a latina restaurant

where plates disappear and glasses stay filled

Watch this scene again to see how the plate of food disappears 
and Alices glass shifts places from her hand to the table 
every time the camera angle changes...
najs breast cover up! 
- it's 08:10 

- I guess the date started early...

or ran late...

I HAVE to say it:

Helena, don't shake that hand!!!

He didn't even hit the bag...
The books changes places, when the camera changes angles


Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays! (Hardcover)
by Winsor McCay

That whole hand flirt scene reminded me of Candy the Carpenter

Another Ally outfit
Can-Am West Carrier


Helena! - in the bushes!
I was amused

7 outta 10

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