0403: Lassoed

The pearls - the pearls!

Nooooo - not another carnivale scene... Jenny as Stanley Kowalski from 
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Fiery Artist Papi has joined the posse
And our story moves on


Bette i looking at... TA's legs
TA's discret touch TA in another skimpy dress
Alice is trying to live with a sloppy roommate
Jenny in yet another doily - she looks like a maid
The exotic taste of Kahl˙a« can be enjoyed in many ways


Phyllis Kroll - the robot
Bette after talking to Tee on the phone - who said closure?
What are they thinkin'?
Jenny makes an entrance
They are soooo checking Shane out
Butter Boy
Rancho Notorious - botox and buttocks
Lily Tomlin   |      Edie (Nicolette Sheridan) Desperate Ho's and Terrell Owens video 

Bikini Kill   |   Le Tigre

Just a note: The Riotgrrl movement started in the early 80's - english postpunk periode

Tee gets cosy with Helena - while Bette cheats, reading the cards...
sooo thinking about loosing an earring....
a walking, living, breathing Lothario

Rule No. 1: Papi doesn't do breakfast."

Rule no.2: "Never go home with a girl whose roommate you just bopped that same morning."


Jenny really likes The Planets restroom
Helena knows how to behave - she went to boardingschool
Phyllis discreetly takes Shanes seat,
so she can sit next to Alice
Kit tells it like it is:
"You candy-ass piece o' shit, you. 
You'd be nothin' without Angus. Nothin'. 
You must be outta your motherfucikin' mind. 
You must be fuckin' crazy. 
Get the fuck outta here."
The Shed of broken dreams now inhabited by Max's armpits
I miss Dax
They sure all clean up very nicely after a nite of margarita's, Dos Equis and cocktails
press the picture to see it talk
Brooke (Chelsea Hobbs) will they be smiling like this when Max tells the truth?
Alice is taking Phyllis for lesbian sushi at Murakami Bettes TA is very talented...
the TA puts on pants - and scores! The SAAB is gone

1. Bette unbuckles TA's seatbelt

2. Bette grabs TA's left breast
3. Bette grabs TA's right hand and puts in between own legs
4. Bette 'O's
Frame 65014 (0:45:11.626)  - Frame 65276 (0:45:22.553)  - thats just about 11 seconds!

Kate Capshaw .... Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

wpe2.jpg (32736 byte)

and mother to Jessica Capshaw (Nadia the TA)

I liked it - very light and humorous

but where are all the sexscenes???

7 outta 10


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